Press Conference Super Junior – Mr.Simple (110804)

Teuk says due to military service, there is no Asia tour but they’re planning on a world tour

Shindong also told medias about his lost so much weight for 5jib comeback. He looks slimmer

According to News, Kyu said tat Members who have many schedules had a hard time filming MV as 2 versions, in Korean & in Japanese.

:”I wanna go to New Zealand”

Leeteuk: “‘Return of the Superior’ the fans made that phase, I feel so touched

Super Junior also said they feel grateful to social network service and UCC that they can become Hallyu star like this

Leeteuk was impressed with the comeback slogan the fans made for 5jib, “Return of the Superior.”

SJ are planning for world tour, it’s even possible to do it in Pyeongyang (North Korea)

Confirmed: Yesung is half-naked on the Music Video of MrSimple

Shindong concluded with a smile,all members had created a part of the choreo for MrSimple

We will release an album after discharge from army as soon as possible, won’t let fans wait for too long, please wait for us.”-SJ

Eunhyuk: “I’ve become the world’s anchovy.”

Donghae:that the song “Y” from the album MrSimple was written based on his past love life.



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